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Foul-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (AKA. Deadpool), brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues to protect a young boy with supernatural abilities from the brutal, time-traveling cyborg, Cable.

The first thing that catches your eye is the bias in a more dynamic and action-packed narrative. Remember how the original sinned; the minimum budget and the risk of failure did not allow to show all that we would like. Here, on the contrary, everything explodes, sparks and shoots. If there is a spectacular frame or the moment it is shown to us from the best angle. I would like to praise the director David Litche, who successfully continued the work of his previous colleague. There was a fear (at least for me) that the old fervor would not be the same, and his past work (John Wick) was nothing special, except the fights were not remembered. But fears were not justified: blood, drive and humor did not go away.

As for humor, Deadpool 2 4k UHD walked on to all who are not lazy; obsequal and DC, and Marvel, and pop culture. His Hochma is sometimes on the edge, but most of them really came out funny, at the expense of Reynolds himself, but about him later. But behind all this humor, "Deadpool 2" tries to shove serious themes, and is interrupted by profound fabrications. But in this Ultra HD movie they fall out and look like atavism. They are not that much, but nevertheless there is a minus. And yet humor prevails over this and gives us wonderful moments. For example, creating your own X team and what will eventually happen to it is a separate song. Deadpool is not afraid and sometimes parodies his own movie, and self-irony is a very good thing.

Ryan Reynolds is certainly handsome, and it's already clear that Deadpool is his natural role. And although he has been shooting for a long time, and many of his paintings are open prohodnyak, but here he is drawn to the fullest, like all the actors involved here. Josh Brolin in the role of Cable is another plus in the overall piggy bank. That Thanos, that Summers - due to the charisma of Brolin got a one hundred percent hit. The stern, even slightly taped Cable in many moments even pulled the blanket over himself and sympathized more strongly than Wade himself. The role of Dopinder and Colossus also expanded, but there was not enough such a character as Domino. Zazi Beitz is charming and amusing, and although there have been conversations that the lady luck has turned black, opinions had to be changed. Domino is an important hero of the film and she did not disappoint. Well, the young Julian Dennison, which in fact is the link and the plot is built on it, stood the test worthy.

And still, "Deadpool 2" was pleasantly surprised. He is not only not worse than the original, but in many respects better. These two films, which of course can be accused of vulgarity, dirt or something. Many claims will be fully justified, but do not take away one: the franchise is made with love and attention. And only for the scenes after the credits can she forgive her many disadvantages. If you liked the first part, then you will like the second one. And if you reacted negatively to it, then I do not understand why you are reading these lines or watch the film itself.

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